FABA Membership Application
The information requested here is for consideration of your FABA membership application and for your listing in the Members Directory.

1. Please fill in all sections under Directory Information.
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Annual Membership Dues
 • Full member – $60
 • Associate Member – $35

You must be actively engaged in the buying and selling of antiquarian books for at least one year to be eligible for FABA membership.

Please be advised: Because of the large size of our state, FABA Board of Directors meets infrequently — usually no more than twice a year. Therefore, it may be several months between the time you send in your application and your final notification of the board's decision. Feel free to contact the vice president for an update on your application.

As part of the review process of your application, a board member will be required to come and view your inventory. For open shops, obviously this poses little difficulty, but for those of you who deal as "mail only" dealers, some arrangement will have to be made so that a board member can review your stock. There can be no exceptions to this requirement.

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General Information
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b. If you have recently relocated to Florida, the names of two out-of-state dealers agreeing to be your references, with shop names and telephone numbers, are acceptable.
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